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(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST




The Vicon Access Control (VAX) system consists of a dedicated Vicon Access Control Server and the edge Controller(s). The Server contains the operating system, database engine, web server, application software and configuration data. The Controller communicates back to the Server over the network and provides an interface to readers, relay outputs, door locks, etc.

Vicon offers an elevator controller that is used to incorporate elevator access into the VAX system. It provides elevator access control to a single elevator cab for up to 8 floors; it can be expanded to two cabs with up to 64 floors (split in intervals of 8 floors) with the addition of 7 VAX-IO-EXP8PCB expansion boards. Additional enclosure (VAX-ENCL-ST-1) is required when adding more than 3 additional VAX-IO-EXP8PCB expansion boards. It supports up to 2 readers and 2 cabs per master controller. LED indicators provide system status.

Based on rules defined in the VAX system setup, access to an elevator and/or which floors can be accessed by any individual can be controlled. Functionally, the credential holder will present their credential to a reader mounted in the elevator cab. The Elevator Controller will then activate/deactivate relays or inputs to enable access to specific floors based on floors/user schedules via relay connection to elevator PLC/controller.

  • Elevator master controller and I/O expander board
  • Elevator access control to one elevator cab for up to 8 floors
  • I/O expander boards available to provide elevator access up to 64 floors
  • Communicates using RS-485
  • Housed in metal enclosure
  • Customizable holiday user groups and holiday setup
  • Powered by PoE/PoE+

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