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(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST
(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST

Mobile Surveillance Unit 24/7 Live Security Monitoring

SKU MobileUnit


  • Our mobile surveillance units can be mounted on a trailer, free-standing structure, or any object.
  • Triggers audiovisual deterrents within 24 seconds to scare intruders away, preventing 97% of crime.
  • Solar-powered surveillance systems can be deployed in remote locations, which aren’t suitable for traditional cameras.
  • AI-powered software automatically tags and sorts footage, making it easy to pull clips afterwards.
  • Cloud video surveillance lets you remotely monitor your camera feeds from any tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Turnkey Security Solutions

  • Serves Short & Long Term Projects
  • Flexible Power Configurations
  • Provides Coverage in Remote Locations
  • Built In Effective Audible and Visual Deterrents
  • Constructed to Withstand Elements and Harsh Environments
  • GPP - Up to $5k In Coverage
  • Turnkey - Setup and Delivered by Pro-Vigil
  • Unit Maintenance Included
  • Unit Relocation Service

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