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(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST
(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST

Middle Atlantic PIVOT-MMR-16 Pivoting Back Bracket

Provides simple mounting of MMR series racks and pivoting capabilities for easy service and upgrades of equipment
  • Suited for use with the Middle Atlantic MMR-1624 multi mount rack
  • Provides convenient pivoting away from the wall for easy services and upgrades of rear equipment connections
  • Eliminates the need to remove the rack from the wall
  • 8.38" D x 35.27" H x 25.25" W
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Metallic grey

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