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(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST
(855) 320-0003 or (773) 796-7400 | M-F 8am - 7pm CST

HIKVISION DS-2TP31B-3AUF Handheld Thermography Thermal Camera


Hikvision’s DS-2TP31B-3AUF HandheldThermography Thermal camera is speciallydesigned to detect elevated skin-surfacetemperature with high accuracy in real time. It isequipped with a 160×120 resolution thermal detector.

    • 160 × 120 Resolution
    • Thermographic Accuracy: ±0.9° F (±0.5° C)
    • 320 × 240 Resolution, 2.4" LCD Display
    • Up to 8 Hours Continuous Operation
    • Displays Real-Time Temperature on Screen
    • GB MicroSD Memory Card (128 GB Maximum) To Store Snapshots/Data

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